Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain, in my experience is the most common reason that patients seek out chiropractic care. A little over one third of the population is currently experiencing pain in the lower back at any given time.  80% of all adults experience this pain at some point in their lifetime. Considering these two facts, you have to wonder, what is the cause of lower back pain?

The Cause

The short answer to this question is: it depends. There are a large number of problems that can cause pain in the lower back. For example, lower back pain can be caused by serious problems, such as prostate disease, kidney disease, or cancer/tumors. It can also be caused by less serious conditions, such as disc lesions, muscle strains, compression of nerves, or facet (spine) injuries. However, the most common cause of this condition is inflammation in the lower back.

The Answer

In short, the answer is in diagnosing what is actually causing lower back pain. The best approach to improving the quality of your life and return to wellness is by scheduling a visit with a chiropractor because they are trained in appropriate measures needed to find the cause of lower back pain. Kimbrell Chiropractic helps find the issues through a number of different strategies. We thoroughly review the patient’s complete medical history to see if there is an issue. Next, we will also utilize appropriate and relevant orthopedic/neurological testing to further identify the root cause of the pain.

Once the cause of lower back pain is determined, an overall program of treatment and prevention strategies (including exercises) is prescribed for our patients; however, if a condition is not addressable using our treatment methods, then we will refer our patient to a specialist for further assessment. In the majority of cases, lower back pain can be addressed here at Kimbrell Chiropractic.

Research shows through numerous studies that patients who use chiropractic care for lower back pain have a better experience due to:

  • Spending Less Money
  • Satisfaction
  • Non- Surgical Treatments

If you are suffering from lower back pain, we can help. Give us a call or fill out the form at the bottom of the site and we will contact you regarding an appointment.

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